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Encouraging Employee Training & Education for Day Nursery Staff

By: Elizabeth Grace - Updated: 28 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
Employee Training Management Leadership

Owners and management staff of child care services have a responsibility to provide good employee training and promote leadership development strategies within their businesses in order to develop the highest quality programmes for the students in their care. Parents have a right to know that when they entrust their children to staff members at day nurseries, the kids will be in good hands - that they will be kept safe, engaged in meaningful activities, and given opportunities to grow and develop in a healthful manner. By encouraging ongoing education for their employees, owners can honestly say that they are actively taking steps to ensure the best possible care.

Hiring Education Minded Workers for Day Nurseries

The first step toward having a capable and informed staff is to be choosy when recruiting new hires. It's important to select the best candidates to fill positions at day nurseries because these people have an enormous influence on young children, making their jobs very important to families. Seeking candidates with some early childhood education is wise, especially if they express the desire to commit to child care as their career and not just a temporary job until something better comes along. Those who are dedicated to their chosen professions are likely to continue their education, actively seek updates to training, and do what it takes to advance their careers.

It's important to remember that the law requires at least half of the staff at day nurseries must be qualified in an early years discipline, so filling as many spots as possible with educated and education-minded folks is a smart move for owners of child care services. Willingness to continue education can be made a condition of employment before offers are extended to promising applicants.

Employee Training and Management

On-the-job training is always a valuable tool for business owners, no matter the filed, but can be especially useful in small businesses, where it is important for all employees to wok together as a team. Management staff at day nurseries should make every effort to provide clear outlines regarding the expectations that they have for their employees, giving detailed guidelines for such things as time management, behavioural standards for dealing with clients, appropriate attire, child discipline, feeding and sleep safety, and adherence to all policies that the center has in place.

Funding for Education of Child Care Workers

Nursery helpers who wish to pursue their education in early childhood development or another related field should be encouraged to seek funding from a number of sources. Some potential students may qualify for scholarships or rants, while others will be expected to privately fund their studies. In some cases, nurseries may wish to provide some degree of funding for employees to show promise, encouraging worker loyalty and long term employment.

Incentives for Continuing Education amongst Daycare Providers

Providing tangible incentives for daycare workers who choose to continue their studies in the field can help nursery owners to recruit and keep the highest calibre of employees, which in turn will help the business to earn a reputation for excellence. Cash bonuses, opportunities for career advancement, extra holiday time, and flexibility in scheduling to accommodate classroom attendance can all help to encourage nursery employees to enrol in ongoing education courses.

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